What can I do with that? and other winter break musings

So, it’s been six weeks since I took my last final, loaded up the car, and drove back home to Arkansas.  I’ve stayed home the whole time, no travelling back and forth from Denver, so hopefully when I return my apartment is still standing and all of that.  I’ve been doing a lot since I’ve been back – spending some time with friends in my old college town, substitute teaching at my old elementary school to make some money, helping my mom out with Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, and reading lots of books that I know I won’t have time for when the quarter starts up again.  One thing I’ve had a lot of people ask when we talk about what I’ve been up to since graduating college is, “So, what are you gonna do with that fancy degree of yours?”

My dentist, the janitors at the school, my boyfriend, my parents, my friends.  They’re all very curious people.  Luckily, I kind of have an answer.  The great thing about working in and with the career office is that I’ve had my eyes open to all the things that a DU grad can do with their degree.  Nonprofits, federal and state government jobs, and even the private sector are looking for people like us. And especially since our undergraduate work study guys are awesome and constantly posting job and internship opportunities on the KorbelCareers site, you have a constantly updated database of places that are hiring.  So, when someone is all, can’t you just work in an embassy somewhere with that degree, you can be, oh no girlfriend, I can save babies in Africa by sending them clean medical supplies or work with immigrants helping them adjust to living in America or start a nonprofit to do what I’m passionate about or be a research analyst for the CIA or State Department or private company looking to go global.

And while I’m not 100% sure about what life after graduation holds for me, I know I have options.  Next quarter I’m taking International Development in Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Reading the Arab Spring, and Practical Public Diplomacy.  That’s what I love about DU.  I hate the quarter system, I hate the whole A, A-, B+, etc. grading scale (ok, hate is a super strong word, how about find annoying?), but I love that I can take that combination of classes.  In a few days I’m driving back out to Colorado with my family, spend some time in Breckenridge skiing, and then gearing up to start the next quarter at DU.  See you then!

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