Summer in the City

Soooooo… Something that might be incredibly obvious to you all is that I have not updated in months.  So even though it’s in between week 4 and 5, I’m going to recap my summer in Denver for you all.  One really important part of grad school is figuring out what to do over that summer break of yours.  Some of my classmates went on internships abroad, in DC, or in their hometowns.  Some stuck around Denver doing an internship, taking classes, or working (or doing all three).  One important thing that you shouldn’t do during the summer is nothing.  Nothing is bad.  You don’t get money, resume builders, connections, or knowledge doing nothing.  What did I do?  Let me tell you.

I interned.  As I told you all in my last post, I got an internship at WorldDenver for the summer, which I have actually extended into the fall (I’m taking it for five credits… you can do that and it’s awesome).  I have learned a lot about fundraising and the nuts and bolts of the nonprofit world.  Also, I have gotten to go to some of their events and meet our fascinating international visitors and hear some great speakers.  There’s also a great community of Korbel kids who are also interning there, as well as others from CO universities.  All in all, a great time (but also lots of work).  As an added bonus I get to write trivia questions for the fundraiser.  It is super nerdy and fun.

I worked.  Where did I work, you ask?  Well, lots of places.  I spent three weeks babysitting two adorable Corgis and three sassy cats in a farmhouse in Littleton while their owners were on a trip to Europe.  This was great and complete with lots of shenanigans.  The farmhouse was 95 years old, so it came with mice, both live and dead that I got to get rid of, the younger Corgi peed on me twice the first week, the cats vomited a few times to show their displeasure in the untimeliness of my feeding them, and I had to wake up at five to walk the dogs.  Overall, however, it was awesome, and we even went to a Corgi meetup at the dog park we frequented, which was so adorable I can’t even tell you.  As crazy as they were, I really miss those goofballs.
I also worked at Korbel.  I spent some time in the career office, but the main job I had was working in the Dean’s Suite planning the Korbel Dinner.  Which meant that there were a lot of fundraisers for me this summer.  It was incredibly busy, and we had extra hurdles with the controversial nature of our honoree, but ultimately it raised a lot of money for Korbel, and I really enjoyed being a part of it.  This also led to a big change for me… I was offered the Marc Nathanson Fellowship, so this quarter I’ve been transitioning from my job in the career office to the Dean’s Office.  It’s definitely bittersweet; the Nathanson is a great opportunity for me but I am definitely going to miss my great coworkers in the OCPD.

I played.  I went to Rockies and Rapids games, both of which were super fun.  I spent some lovely Saturdays and afternoons reading at Wash Park.  I ate out downtown and on Pearl Street.  I also made it home several times, and my parents and brother came to visit in Denver.  I took them to the art museum, on a tour of LoDo, on a tour of Mile High Stadium, and drove into the mountains to Echo Lake and the Summit of Mount Evans.  I went to Cirque du Soleil with my friend Rachel and her mom.  A great way to stay connected to fellow Korbelians was to join the “Denver Summer Fun League” group on facebook.  If you stay in Denver, you should definitely join so you know what all’s going on.

So a busy summer quickly transitioned into a very busy fall.  The Korbel Dinner was the first day of school, so I started coming off of a 40 hour weekend into a 14 hour day with the dinner.  Then school jumped into full swing; I’m working 20 hours a week at Korbel and 15 hours a week at the internship, I’m taking Comparative Politics in the 21st Century and Cross-Cultural Communications.  This week, I turned in my Fulbright Application and our first paper for Comparative Politics.  Life is crazy, but this weekend I’ve just laid around my apartment relaxing.  I’ll definitely pay for that tomorrow when I head to the library to start reading for classes this week.  But I’m thankful for every busy moment… I’d rather life be hectic than boring!

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2 Responses to Summer in the City

  1. KorbelDev says:

    How did the Comparative Politics paper go?

  2. eacaruth says:

    I don’t know yet! I think it went ok, but I won’t know for sure until sometime this week when we’re supposed to get them back.

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